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About our Business:

South African registered, Automobile & Real Estate Online is an internet marketing portal company established in 2016. Even though this is recent, the idea, our concept, our marketing strategy and market research started in 2011. We know that the automotive and real estate industries cover the biggest part of our South African economy and therefore key2cars and key2property was born.

The industry will enjoy unmatched growth in time to come and offers excellent returns for those enthusiastic to grab this opportunity. Our success is our ability to do things differently, our honesty and loyalty. Loyal to our clients, our entrepreneurs investing in this opportunity, every single member on board and the public using these user-friendly portals for their convenience. Our ethicality make it easy for buyers and sellers to join our family and therefor is our relationships our business.  We believe that our business opportunity will be precisely what you are looking for and hereby encourage you to continue reading and discover the potential of our business opportunity that can be the solution to your financial freedom.

About key2property: is especially designed to cover the property industry in SA. Key2property accommodate estate agents, private sellers, bond originators, conveyancing attorneys and all home related maintenance services and product suppliers to be listed on key2property and is available in the search function and listed by area.

Rewards & Revenue:

We are NOT introducing a once of sale/ one time income career to you! We are introducing an ongoing and        exciting career that will generate revenue from your customers on an ongoing basis. Our income & rewards program and after sale service strategy is an incentive system that will ensure monthly revenue, continues growth and financial freedom. 

In short, we can ensure that you will experience financial freedom through our innovative marketing strategy and marketing approaches through online training programs based on comprehensive marketing research.  Regular training and strategic marketing is essential to the success of your business!

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